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The 2023-2024 CTAOSA Season!

All workshops are held at Central Connecticut State University, unless otherwise noted


with Colleen Bretthauer

Teaching preschool and early childhood music is a speciality with multiple engaging music methods. In this workshop you will experience a hybrid of Orff, Gordon’s Music Play, Music Together, First Steps in Music, Preschool and Beyond and Conversational Solfege with a unique approach to behavior management and planning for learning. We will sing, dance, play Orff instruments, and investigate specific planning documents with an emphasis on teaching children so they don’t know they’re learning! Included in the workshop will be learning activities using pop, jazz & classical music, children’s literature, various manipulatives, behavior management techniques and examples of planning documents ready to use. You will go home with new activities to teach on Monday and a fresh, active, and joyful approach to the earliest years!

September 30 * CCSU * 9:00-1:00

Setting Up Students for Success! 
Transitions & Honoring Students' Need to Move


with Pascal Rekoert

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for music teachers to expand their pedagogy skills and gather new ways to incorporate creative dance into their classrooms. Participants will learn how to integrate movement elements into their music curriculum through interactive exercises based on Augusto Boal's theater games and Rudolf Laban's Labanotation (i.e., dance notation).

October 28 * CCSU's Dance Education Center * 9:00-1:00

Dance: Music of the Body


Teaching General Music in the
Self-Contained and Inclusive Classroom

with Dr. Kimberly McCord

This mostly hands-on workshop will focus on using process to naturally include all children and ways to seamlessly differentiate instruction. iPads and other types of technology will be blended into lessons as an easy way to integrate all types of learners.

November 7 * CCSU * Alumni Hall * 9:00-3:00

* The Election Day workshop is not included in the membership package and requires

registration for every participant.


Cultural Connections in the Music Classroom:
Bringing Language and Cultural Awareness into Your Orff Classroom through Music, Songs, and Stories from Latin American Culture

March 2 * CCSU * 9:00-1:00

with Liban Gomez

One of the many ways to learn about students’ culture is through music. Music always brings people together. Participants will explore popular music from Latin America, in particular from the Dominican Republic, as we make cultural connections through movement, songs, and stories. We will be using children's literature as a vehicle to learn, explore, and promote/bring awareness in the music classroom in a playful manner: (composing, improvise, etc), that touch upon different themes: respect, individuality, diversity, equity, and more.

with Various Chapter Members

Chapter Share

April 20 * CCSU * 9:00-1:00

Various chapter members will present favorite lessons & activities... because so much talent lives right here! 

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