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Our mission is to inspire and advocate for the creative potential in all learners and to provide professional development for music educators in the Southern New England region. We have recently been able to expand our professional development offerings to teachers across the United States and globally, which has deeply enriched the fabric of our chapter.

Our chapter was founded in 1972 by a group of dedicated Orff inspired music teachers. We have grown into a dynamic chapter, inspiring a new generation of passionate music educators locally and internationally.

            For information about our fabulous 2023-2024 season, please see our
Workshops Page.”

Black Lives Matter

CTAOSA firmly stands with Black Lives Matter and against racism.  We resolutely denounce the injustices imposed on our black communities.  We acknowledge the deep and enduring contributions that Black people have made to American music, and it is our responsibility to ensure that musical materials are being presented within a cultural context.  We are obligated to go beyond simply teaching music and movement, and we commit to evaluating our educational programs and practices to dismantle racial injustice.

We vow to work together as educators, on behalf of children, families, and communities, to open our hearts and begin to move the mountain of inequity.  We will actively reflect on our past practices and acknowledge our shortcomings.  We will learn, grow, adapt, and share.  To accomplish this, we commit to broadening representation through our:

  • Clinicians

  • CTAOSA Board Members

  • General Membership

  • Repertoire

  • Cultural teaching approach

To quote the great Avon Gillespie, “In Orff Schulwerk, nothing is ever finished.”  We have work to do.

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